Save the Denniston plateau

  Save the Denniston plateau   What’s happening? Unfortunately these distinctive plateaux sits above the Buller Coal Measures – which have long been targeted by coal mining companies. The Stockton Plateau has been half-destroyed by open-cast mining in the past few decades. The Denniston Plateau has a history of small-scale underground mining, but because it has […]

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For the love of Christ

STEPHENSVILLE, Wis. – St. Patrick’s Parish in Hortonville, Wisconsin plan to host an event this weekend in which pigs are punched in the face, kicked, body-slammed, jumped on, yelled at and thrown into a bucket. This illegal animal fighting event is in violation of Wisconsin Chapter 951, titled “Crimes Against Animals”, which outlaws cockfighting, dogfighting, […]

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This blog is a way for people to access pre-written letters that express their concerns about a variety of subjects from human rights to environmental issues.

We also hope to offer a variety of address, email address and websites that people can access to express concern or investigate topic of interest.

(This is a revolution, a quiet revolution that starts with words in the homes and hearts of all those who care and have a need to express concern regarding ignorance or injustice.)


LoLa Orlando is a New Zealand based installation artist and mother of many.  Her interests span from the sublime to the ridiculous and most things in between.  She is a  hopeful and happy person with a passion for peace.




Although I offer my letters free to anyone who wishes to copy and use I do ask that you use responsibly and with thought to recipient.  I do not claim to be a letter writing genius, so please excuse any grammatical errors, I would be very happy to be corrected in any of these matters.