Trash vortex

In Brief:

Researchers have discovered a Texas-sized area of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean. Composed primarily of plastic garbage from landlubbers, the area has become both a major threat to marine life and a frightening example of how polluted our oceans are. 



-That’s the main thing that we have to do. To clean up the oceans would be an incredible task. The most important thing we have to do right now is to stop the flow of plastic into the sea. Now because the plastic is not coming from one point source all levels of society need to act if we are to have any effect on the amount of plastic that’s pouring out into the ocean.

-Talk trash to your friends and family – people can’t change what they don’t know about, so spread the word!


Dear Sam,

I am writing to offer my heart felt thanks for doing such a great job in trying to clean up our coastlines.  I am a huge advocate of leaving the beachs better than when you arrived.  Im sharing this topic on my blog and hope to get more people invloved.  Please add me to any mail lists you have and I will be there with bells on.

Warm regards,

LoLa Orlando


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