A Fox called Sorrow

This is a private letter to Isobelle Carmody the author of a “Fox called Sorrow”.  Please DO NOT copy and send this letter.  I’ve included it for interest. Warm regards Lola

Dear Isobelle,

I am writing first to congratulate on the wonderful “Little Fur’ series, these are truly heart warm, brave and deeply moving books. It is also my wish to thank you for writing these, they have stirred me to move into places of deeper healing and wisdom.

The other reason I am writing to you is to tell you of the small steps I my self have taken to help the world.  i have a very small web blog called ‘expresstruth’ It is dedicated to the old fashion art of writting letters to activate change.  It is still very much in the beginning stages, but I hope it one day will be as big as the dream that made it.  

One of my prime concerns is to raise awareness and help stop animal vivisection.  Here in New Zealand we have a reaserch facility that tests on Beagles.  Let me tell you it breaks my heart.  So when i read you book ‘A fox called Sorrow’ I ached to give it to the people in charge of these facilities, which brings me to my final reason for making contact.  Could your publishing house donate a few of these books for me to distibute to the hands that cast this cruelty?  I believe in the power of your beautiful writing and hope it could touch these people as it touched me.

I await your response with warm anticipation.  And again thank you so much. 

Lots of Love



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