AVAAZ -Raising funds- IRAN




‘Confronted by a growing crackdown, millions of men and women are protesting across Iran, sparked by outrage at the mounting evidence that the Ahmadinejad government may have rigged and stolen Thursday’s election. This is a crucial moment for Iran and the world.

We can help by urgently organising a rigorous “exit poll” of Iranian citizens by telephone to ask how they voted, publicising the results in the media and helping spread the news in Iran. Over a third of the votes are at stake — our poll can establish whose claims are credible. If we can reach $119,000 in the next 24 hours, we can release the results before the Guardian Council’s review of the results is complete — if we raise more we can expand this campaign.

We urgently need 10,000 of us to pitch in with a small amount each — support the exit poll now using the safe and secure form below.’

PLEASE CHECK OUT AVAAZ! THEY ARE AMAZING AND GOOD https://secure.avaaz.org/en/iran_vote_truth/?cl=255091103&v=3505


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