Iran: Protest against trade union arrests.

Here is a letter I found whilst looking for more info about the elections, it is older as it is dated 2008, but I still sent it because there are REAL PEOPLE behind this letter and they still need our voice. I sourced this from ‘the International Transport Works’ website. This letter can be sent directly from this site by following the link in the side bar.

Warm regards to all on this chilly winter day in New Zealand. LL


Mr Mahmoud Ahmadjinejad

President of the Republic

The Presidency

Palestine Avenue,Azerbaijan Intersection


Islamic Republic of Iran


Dear President Ahmadjinejad

Trade unionists and human rights activists around the world are once again appalled to learn of the arrest of a trade unionist. We understand that Ebrahim Madadi was arrested in Tehran on 27 December. According to reports we have received he was visiting the North Tehran Branch of the Employment Office when plain-clothes security personnel detained him with a court order and took into police custody.

Having appeared before a judge on 28 December, we understand he is now in Evin prison. Meanwhile, two Executive Board members of the union are verbally summoned by the secret police.

President Ahmadjinejad, this is not the first time that the Iranian authorities have taken unjustified actions against genuine trade unions during the winter holidays. Less than a week ago, the trade unions condemned the arrest of Mohsen Hakimi, a member of the ‘Iranian Writers Association’ and the ‘Coordinating Committee to Form Workers Organisations,’ who was detained by the secret police for unknown charges. He is now being held in Section 209 in Evin Prison. At the same time, an auto worker, Bijan Amiri, at Pars Khodro factory was also arrested for unknown charges.

We wish to join the The International Transport Workers’ Federation, the ITUC and the entire global trade union movement in strongly urging your government to release Ebrahim Madadi, Mohsen Hakimi, Bijan Amiri as well as Mansour Osanloo and Farzad Kamangar immediately and unconditionally.

There is reason to have concern about Osanloo’s health as we have received reports that he has not been given adequate medical treatment during the past two months.

Thank you for your attention, we look forward to hearing your positive reply.


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