A story about me and why i do this…

Crayfish talk.

It was like something out of a bad eighties movie, you know when the dog gets powers to talk and him and his best human friend save the world! Well it was like that with out the saving the world bit, I guess that’s what I’m trying to do now.  I was walking down the street in Melbourne when some odd looking crabs caught me eye.  I stopped to have a look to see if they were real.  They were bone white and motionless.  Then from no where this crayfish said ‘hello’…What, ok so he didn’t say h e l l o in words, but his spiney antennae pressed together in a prayer position and his eyes looked directly at my soul. I replied ‘hello’ in the wordless soul talk that I have experienced a few times in my life.  We began a dialogue.  He was from the Ocean; he pointed directly to the ocean and asked if I could help him and his mate’s home.  By this time all the other crayfish had gathered around to see the phenomena of this Cray talking to a human.  The buzz in the tank was noticeable, here was a way home.  But I wasn’t.  I was just a human who could talk Cray, I couldn’t buy them all and set them free, I didn’t have enough money.  So I began to writhe in turmoil, what do I do? I can’t do anything I keep saying, I’m sorry.  As my helplessness and anger at the situation grew so did the unrest in the tank, until the statue like crabs were roused.  At that I to was shaken out of my trance, tears streaming down my face and inconsolable sobs.  My boyfriend was in shock.  He had not heard the silent conversation between us and now he has faced with a broken hearted sobbing child.  He took me under his arm and led me home.  To this day the experience makes me weep.  I cannot look at a tank holding these animals until their slaughter, but fortunately my beloved stares me away from such places.  I have been left with an indelible mark on my heart and soul from that evening which has inspired me to let these restaurants know that I understand more than most the barbaric nature of this barbaric practice.  Below is a letter I have constructed expressing my concerns and list of places that engage in this animal cruelty.


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