For the love of Piggies


Oh  key doe key, so we all know that pigs live in fucking terrible conditions right? Like really bad.  I was told the other day that I needed to get off my high horse… that made me think you know.  It is really sad when people would rather charge me with a human crime of compassion in pleading to save the lives of my animal friends, rather than open there eyes to their own actions.  Eating pork from cruel farms is immoral, and if I sound ritcheous so be it.  But I would rather be up to my eye balls in pig poos on my high horse than be part of the problem.  That’s how I see it, I’m sorry but if your still eating pigs that are unfree range, you are not part of the solution.  SAFE  is launching into stage two of there love pigs campaign and in there latest mag they have suggested that the best way to help is to stop eating the farmed fleash and request eateries buy free range.  I guess this is a far more condusive approach than my angry one, it just hurts deep inside.  Sorry if I offended anyone, I just want the pigs to be happy…  xoxoxoxoxox


And on the flip side I would like to share with the the addresses of  those people who have dedicated their whole lives to the saving, rehabilitating and looking after of pigs.  Please feel free to viist there sites and drop them a line.  Im sure a kind word would be apprectiated.


Pakuratahi Farm Animal Sanctuary


Brightside Farm Santuary


Edgars Mission


Friend Farm Animal Rescue


PIGS Animal Sanctuary

There are more, if anyone knows of any, please share…



Dear *****

I am writing to offer you my sincere gratitude for the work you are doing to help save and nuture animals.  The work you do is inspirational and the fact that I’m writing means the message of your good will has made it to New Zealand.  I have shared information about your organization with my friends, so hopefully in some small way I can keep the flame of awareness alive, or even help it grow.  I hope all is going well for you and the small blessings of nature are repaying your kindness in full. 

With much respect, LL


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