dolphins are people too…

you know what I mean…

As a follow up to my last blog here is a wee bit more general info.

“Only the best-looking specimens are chosen for captivity (usually young females without scars or blemishes). The rest of the dolphins are cruelly slaughtered and processed into meat for meat for human consumption.  In Japan, a dolphin killer can get $6-700 for a dolphin carcass, whereas a live dolphin can bring the catcher as much as $100-150,000 on the world market. The public will be shocked to know that some members of the captive dolphin industry are fuelling the dolphin drive hunt by making it tremendously profitable.”‘Dolphins and captivity’ Why dolphins should remain free’ By Helene O’Barry

Much of the dolphin meat sold around Japan is actually mislabeled or sold as counterfeit whale meat from larger a whale, which sells for far more money than dolphin meat. Hundreds of samples of dolphin meat tested from around Japan has all been shown to be toxic and far exceeds their own ministry of health recommendations. Some internal organ meat for sale at the Okura markets near Taiji was analyzed to have 5000 times more mercury than the health advisory of 0.4 ppm.  Click here to see more facts.

And a petition….  it does look like a new age dating service, but it is a legitimate, so why not put your name where your heart is.


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