‘THE COVE’ Letters for dolphins

‘The Cove’ is a movie about the nasty dolphin slaughters in Japan.  Connected to their web site is another site addressing ‘what can i do’  about this horrific practice.  Funnily enough one of the first things they suggested was ‘Write a letter’.  


Below are letters I have drafted to NZ members of parliment


Dear John Key

I am writing to express my concern to you about the practices in Japan of slaughtering dolphins on mass in a foul and inhuman way.  I believe as a politician it is you soul duty to speak against these types of issues and show other countries that NEW ZEALAND is a country with heart, soul and fight.  

Please consider this letter and do something for the good of all.  This is not about money, this is about human truth.

Be a leader we can admire, trust and believe in.

Yours in honest sincerity



Dear Ministers,

As the spokes person for this country for environmental issues I ask you to express my concern to the parliament and the Japanese government about the foul practices of dolphin slaughtering.  I have been aware of this for some time and am shocked our government has not had the spine to express disgust to japan directly.  As a citizen I am asking you to be the voice this country needs to show we are a warm nation that truely cares about this earth and the creatures on it.

Thanks very much, I look forward to seeing this issue rise in priority,


  • k.wilkinson@ministers.govt.nz
  • t.groser@ministers.govt.nz


Dear Phill,

I have just finished several letters to the government asking for help and a voice in regards the current practices of Dolphin slaughter in Japan.  Im afraid I dont think this government will care very much and this is why Im writting to you.  I am a small spark, but there are more people just like me and we will connect.  Rather than going punch for punch with your opposition why not leave the ring and begin to build a better, stronger more relevant agenda.  We are poor people, but I would give all I had if finally politicians actually did something real and noble.

Please consider what Ive said.

With high hopes and a dare to dream



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