more vivisection … TV3 – Letter

I did it, i know better yet I did it.  I watched the news, we were having a lovely evening and my partner turned on the news, I ate my dinner till I was put off my food and had to go to bed crying. A monkey with electrical wires protruding from its head making a mechanical arm move was rewarded with a sip of water ,this would suggest the monkey, bless him, was being denied its basic rights.  I cannot begin to tell you how much this hurts, there is no justification, maybe I would think differently if I was not blessed with perfect health, but Im sure I would feel pretty stink that another creature suffered a horrid life so I could watch TV.

Dear TV3,

You featured a news article about saving dolphins then showed a ‘Isn’t humanity amazing’ piece that showed the use of vivisection.  I for one am glad people get to see that animals are deprived of basic necessities in order to our bidding.  But as far as viewing goes I was unable to finish my dinner and i had to leave the room and go to bed.  As a broadcaster are you aware of what you were showing?  The news just gets harder to watch and it seems people are getting more ignorant because of it.

Yours Sincerely



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