Animal Writes… more good people – Letter

 I  am very happy to report the discovery of an amazing organisation called ‘Animal Rehoming.’ They are a collection of wonderful people helping animals that have been f*#$ed over by other not so cool humans.  Please allow me to share the letter I sent them, after visiting their website I hope my letter inspires you t o send one off in the hopes of encouraging them on their noble quest.


Dear the crew at animal rehoming,

Let me start by saying you are doing such rad work, it makes me so happy that my eyes are leaking.  It gives me such hope when i see people not only living their truth, but living a very noble and real truth.  Your work is inspiring to me.  I urge you to continue always and know that you are totally wonderful.  I have linked your website to my blog in hopes some traffic will come your way.
with loving respect


I am awaiting confirmation from this organisation to pass on a letter to you about the use of live rabbits in student experiments at the Monash University.  It is a very real and very sad topic. I have supporting footage below that shows the horrors of what goes on in these institutions. WARNING CONTENT WILL OFFEND. But check it out and have a sob with me then write a letter… viva la revolution!!!

Monash Kills Rabbits Protest

Behind closed doors








“It seems to me of great importance to teach children respect for life.  Towards this end, experiments on living animals in classrooms should be stopped.” -Eleanor Rooselvet, former First lady of the USA and co-founder of the United Nations



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