“A shift in public attitude is needed.” Dame Sian Elias

She is onto a good thing, I FELT it in my bones!

In a nut shell Dame Sian believes criminals would serve a better sentence at a grass roots community level.  I believe she is right on the money.  Crime is easy if its faceless, but if a criminal walks amongst those parties that have been wronged, then a face is given to the crime and then with support this criminal can hope to change.  By being put in a box with like minded individuals just perpetuates the problem… This is the real revolution!

 … a debt to society should be paid to society (not the pockets of a corporation)…

In response to Dame Sian’s ideas, Corrections Chief Barry Matthews said he agreed that her ideas would help with the current inmate crisis.  See article

‘Corrections chief agrees with Elias on probation’ NZ Herald

‘Irate Power tells Chief Justice to butt out of policy’ NZ Herald


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