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Griffins Biscuits and Packaging.


Some years ago our major biscuit company decided a plastic tray in the already existing packaging would be better for their product, and hang the environment.  This has put me off biscuits (nasty things really, full of sugar and shit) in a big way, but every now and then I feel like a cuppa and a bikkie and why not, surely I should be able to have my cake and eat it too…with out the stress of knowing what harm my indulgence is doing to the planet.  Below is a letter to one of the largest biscuit companies in NZ. Please feel free to copy and paste it to the link below or print it off for good ol snail mail. 




Dear Griffins,

Im writing to inform you of decision I made many years ago when you decided to add a second layer to the packaging of  your biscuits.  Ever since then I gave up buying your biscuits and have urged my friends to do the same.  When having a luncheon i encourage my friends to bring home baking for this very reason.  More and more I am finding like minded individuals who agree that your company uses too much packaging and agree to switch to more traditional. less environmentally toxic methods of preparing and serving ‘sweet treats’.

It also disturbs me that the trays you use do not have a recycle number ob them, so they will get throwen away.  I have read your website and dont agree with the paragraph below.

‘Where possible, the least amount of material possible is used to make packaging. This helps more packages fit on trucks, reducing the number of trucks that have to drive around. Less packaging also reduces the amount of waste that gets created, which is better for the planet.’

You are not using less packaging and this is a problem for our planet.  I hope very much you will take what I have said under advisement and look to the future of this country and see as it stands you are the POLLUTION and not the SOLUTION.  Why not lead the way and do the true KIWI thing, take a stand and be truly great. Less packaging!

Yours with high hopes




Griffins Foods Limited
P O Box 76072
Manukau City 2241
New Zealand




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