CodeX in the USA

I have just watched a very interesting video about the sneaky ways the big corporations are trying to get into food standards and make nutrients illegal!  I marched for our freedom of choice in this matter here in New Zealand the year before last.  This is a topic we need to watch.  At the moment I really need to know some one is standing with me on these topics.  Please let me know if you are aware of the impacts on NZ.  Let me know if you feel ANYTHING about this… 

The video below is an insight to the processes at play in USA.  It is 2005, and I am trying to find updated information. Stay tuned.

Peace (In a nutshell! This of the above video link is a great over view of what Im talking about)


COMMON LAW: Anything that is not forbidden is permitted.

NAPOLEONIC LAW: What is not permitted is forbidden.


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