N.z and Oz Bully the Pacific countries – Letter

‘New Zealand I love you but your freakin me out’

Essentially this is what is happening the Pacific counties are asking N.Z and Australia to give them time to work out if they can sustain Trade policies suggested.  ‘We’ are putting pressure on them to do it now, sign or miss out, sign or loose rights to trade with us.  This is absolutely disgraceful.  These small countries don’t even nessesarily have the     infrastructure to be able to process the projections and ramifications of the terms proposed, let alone the population to make such systems viable. The below quoted is from a very comprehensive article posted on the Oxfam website.  Check it out and join OXFAM, they are great at creating things to get involved with.

‘Much of the debate around the launch of the negotiations has focused on support or criticism for a standard free trade agreement that is World Trade Organisation compliant. This paper outlines the potential risks, and concludes that the adoption of a standard free trade agreement would entail high costs and generate little benefit for the Pacific. Risks include lost government revenue and consequent reduction in essential government services, regressive measures that harm the poor, a failure to harness the potential benefits from utilising the Pacific’s resources, and loss of the Pacific’s productive capacities and damage to the welfare of its people. ‘

PACER Plus and its Alternatives: Which way for trade and development in the Pacific?       By Nick Braxton.



Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing to voice my concern about the current trade negotiations with the pacific countries.  As a citizen of New Zealand I am embarrased by the lack of willingness of our government to help these countries make the right decisions for them self.  I am making the following demands.

1.  Back off and allow countries the time needed to make the best decisions for their country and people.

2. We must help countries with out the infrastructure to make informed decisions by setting up an independent agency to assist in understanding trade agreements and ramifications of them.

As a member of this Pacific island nation I believe it is our duty to help our smaller brother and sister countries by offering support and making decisions that effect the ‘greater good’ rather than decisions that benefit the large and powerful.

Yours Sincerely 




 New Zealand ministry of Foreign affairs & Trade.

Pacific Division, The Pacific Division manages New Zealand’s bilateral and multilateral relationships in the South Pacific region. The Division is involved in a wide range of issues including political and economic relations, trade relations, defence and regional security, environment and fisheries management, and disaster relief assistance.                                                                                                            Facsimile: +64 4 439 8856 Email: pac@mft.govt.nz

Public Diplomacy and Outreach Division

Public Diplomacy and Outreach is about communicating with persons and groups outside traditional diplomatic channels. These range from interest groups closely engaged with the Ministry on specific issues to much larger populations both in New Zealand and overseas. To ensure that New Zealand’s voice is heard in the world with clarity and consistency, the Division has a number of functions, including media relations, managing the Ministry’s websites, cultural diplomacy, oversight of Ministry publications and input into all of the Ministry’s public diplomacy and outreach efforts. 
Facsimile: +64 4 439 8511 Email: pdo@mfat.govt.nz


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