Responsible Super Markets – Letter

Following my investigation into fishing practices and the current crisis facing the worlds oceans I have drafted a letter to send to the large super markets.  I hope you will join me in sending a message to these big wigs that we are not interested in supporting the desimation of our ocean.


Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing to express my concerns about the selling of fish produce that are proven to be unsustainable.  As a consumer I would be happy to know that the place I choose to shop is working with me to make ecologically friendly decisions.

I would hope as a responsible business you would consider to develop and implement policies for sourcing sustainable seafood. Removing species from your shelves that are listed on national Greenpeace seafood red lists. These red lists show the key species sold in each country that have a high risk of being sourced unsustainably – from overfished stocks and by destructive fishing methods, or from poor aquaculture practices.

I hope to see the changes creeping into my local.  I shop at New World Papakura.

Yours Sincerly




*Food Stuffs; Pak and save, New World and 4 square.

60 Roma Road, Mount Roskill 

PO Box 27 – 480, Auckland 
DX Box CX 15021
+64 9 621 0600
+64 9 621 0601
*Progressive; Foodtown, Countdown, Woolworths
P+649 275 2788

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