Awareness oF the devastation of FISH resources

This old chestnut.  I feel I need to fully educate myself of this before I buy any more fish that has been harvested in an unsustainable way. Also I hope to encourage fish mongers to make informed and compassionate decisions in what they buy for on sale.


*Practices that are not cool*

Dredging – Beam Trawls – Otter Trawls

Targets; Shell fish

This racks up the sea floor and harms the whole infrastructure of the sea.  Beam trawls throw away est 70% (weight) of what is picked up.  Thats a huge waste.

Purse Seines

Target; Species that spend most of their lives in the mid-water, with little contact with the seabed such as herring, mackerel, and tuna, and fish that gather to spawn such as squid.

These are good as they are specific, but because they target species that co-exsist the dolphins there is a huge amount of dolphin Disasters.  DOLPHINS DO NOT ENDORSE THIS METHOD OF FISHING, so nor do I. 


Targets; As above, mid-water fishes.

These seem to be a lesser of all evils if it is set using the correct  mesh size.  These are famous for there by catch of marine mammals, commonly called ‘walls of death’  To target this problem technology has developed  acoustic deterrent devises.  

Bottom Long Lines

Target; A wide variety of species that spend most of their lives on or near the seabed, including cods, haddock and flatfish.

This seems to  have a much lower impact on the seabed than other bottom gears such as trawls. The problems are lost gear is more waste in the ocean and also ghost fishing (that is when the line continues to fish even after it is separated from vessel)

Pelagic long-lines

Target; Mid water species.  Tuna, Sword fish, Marlin

Long-lines catch many endangered sharks, turtles, marine mammals and seabirds. Bycatch can be reduced in a variety of ways including circle hooks to prevent catching turtles, and setting deeper lines to reduce catches of turtles, sharks and marine mammals. Techniques such as setting lines quickly and at a greater depth, using bird scarers, and setting at night can reduce the number of seabirds that get caught on hooks and drown when diving for bait.

*Practices that are not so uncool*

Hook and Line – Pole and Line – Bait boats

THiS seems to be the best one as far as I can tell, it seems to be way more controllable and specific.  Fish usually only bite after spawning so this means its less pressure on fish to replenish stocks.

Traps and Pots 

Target; Lobsters, Cray’s and Crabs.

This has not have huge impact on other marine life.  There are technological devises used to keep seals from sticking there noses in the pots.  Please read my article about crayfish.


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