foodstuffs back down!

So it would seem silly people with silly lives have bitched and moaned about having to pay for plastic bags (grumble grumble, cuss, cuss) So I have composed a letter to let foodstuffs know that it is important to make a stand about this sort of thing and to stand by good and honest  environmental decisions.

Dear Sir – Madame,

I am writing to express my concern about your decision to take the fee off plastic bags in your Wellington store.  I believe it is up to big companies such as your self to lead the way in social change for a better cleaner environment.  Super markets are the prime reason we have such huge amounts of packaging going into landfills and as such should off set the impact in any way you can.  

I urge you to re introduce the fee and let people come to terms with it in thier own manner in their own time.


Thankyou for your time,


*Food Stuffs; Pak and save, New World and 4 square.


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