Wake UP call

A Kuegler 09Today across the world concerned citizens grouped together to make a wake up call to world leaders, our message  “wake up, before its too late”.  I was thrilled to take my kids to such a calm, well planned and peaceful protest.  There were less people at our happening than I expected, but this was world wide, so in truth we stood thousands strong in a voice of concern for our planet.  

a Kuegler 09

Please visit AVAZZ (on the ‘resource’ menu, front page of this blog) Or Oxfam to see more about the international action taken.  ask09Also my blog  ‘sign on’ posted Aug 18 has a link through to the Greenpeace website withpetition, this action is very easy to do and a way you can make a difference.  All and all this was a very cool thing, the dude playing John Key was a dude and I got to catch up with a very dear friend.  Ive not constructed a letter to John, how I missed that Im not sure, but I have signed the above mentioned petition.  RAD


please excuse the crazy random picture action (wordpress!)


John Key (Prime Minister)

(+64) (0)4-817 9999 / (0)4 817 9700 / (0)4-817 6800 / (0)4 817 9743

Nick Smith (Minister of Environment)

(+64) (0)4-817 9999 / (0)4-817 6805 / (+64) (0)4-817 6811 /

Murry McCully (Minister of Foreign affairs)

(+64) (0)4-817 9999 / (0)4-439 8000 / (0)4-471-9602


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