Aorangi prt ii

Green ribbons for Aorangi "papakura"Further to the previous blog I brought some green ribbon and tied it to a tree on the main street of Papakura.  I was picturing more a forest green – christmas green, but I managed to behold ‘ulturism green’ which, when it comes down to it is wonderful! I had a reply from the school, it follows.

Hi Lola,
I am writing to thank you on behalf of the Aorangi School, BOT, students and staff.

Thanks so much for your letters to the Minister and Prime Minister for us. We think the Minister has made a big mistake and we’re going to try our best to show New Zealand that. Aorangi is a great school, with a great future if we could just rebuild with the money already allocated.

I will have a go at a letter, and send it to you for others to send off.

I will be in touch,
Katharine Shaw
(Aorangi school BOT)

Katharine ShawRobert harris papakura iv Aorangi
91 Wairakei Road
Christchurch 8053
T: +643 351 4968
Mobile: 0274156539


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