i too

A letter I wrote to a co-creator who is feeling the harshness of it All.


I too feel the pain of a third world famine and I too cry at the hugeness of injustice. But now is the time to work the small miracles. My miracles are small but many. Like Gahndi said ‘what you do will count, so long as you do it’ I have blog, I write letters to express my need for change, compassion and truth. I offer these letters to others, not many have picked up on it yet, but I need NEED to be promoting awareness. I make bath salts. very small quantities, but they will heal, so in a calm self sufficient way I make these. I teach yoga, small steps in self love. thyme2I grow herbs. All these are small steps in making love and consciousness grow in me, my family and for others. I make prayer and ritual, small but a step. What you do is enough, keep your goals in mind and define each action with the self reflection of love. It will be enough.

Yours in pain and love,



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