Fontera – no thanks

“By encouraging the use of palm-based animal feed from cleared rainforests, and by pushing an intensive industrial farming model in New Zealand, Fonterra is actively contributing to one of the world’s largest causes of greenhouse gas emissions.

The iconic New Zealand dairy giant is pushing it’s farmers to use hundreds of thousands of tonnes of palm-based animal feed from South-East Asia’s palm oil plantations planted on land that was, until recently, covered by rainforest.”


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to let you know I totally support the action of Green peace in their protest against the dirty fuel you use at your Edendale dairy factory.  I also support their opposition to the import of Palm kernel animal feed.  As a result I will not be buying any of your products and urging my friends to do the same.

I do hope you will take my view on board and change your policy to one wwe can, as New Zealnders, be proud of.

Yours Sincerely,



greenpeaceThis is a link to the greenpeace ACTION site very easy way to send a letter to JOHN KEY, it is Pre writen and takes under a minute to send.


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