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Broadcasting Minister, Jonathan Coleman has, since at least the November Radio NZ Board meeting, been making increasingly bellicose statements, both in public and in private, that Radio NZ needs to drastically cut its costs.  If this goes, we loose honest and important radio and education.

‘JONATHAN COLEMAN’S threat to sack the Radio NZ Board if it fails to demonstrate a “change of mindset” is the worst example of direct political interference in public broadcasting since the early 1990s. By deliberately withholding desperately needed funding, Coleman hopes to force the Board into a restructuring exercise so severe that the last bastion of public service broadcasting will be rendered incapable of fulfilling its charter.
That Charter is now the only thing staving-off a wholesale decline in the quality and scope of New Zealand journalism. While it remains, private sector broadcasters must at least pretend to compete with the public broadcaster’s large staff of well-trained and reasonably well-remunerated news and current affairs reporters.’
Chris TrotterRadio New Zealand – National’ Bowally Road -‘Ruminations of an Old New Zealander.’  Full article click title.
Dear Mr Coleman,
Your movements toward the Radio New Zealand Network have me very worried and Im not interested in seeing anything happen to jeopardise this is a public asset. As a media it educates its listeners and keeps social communication a part off our society.  Already people from all walks of life are connecting on this issue and I urge you to keep your hands of our National information source.  I also challenge your motivations for this pressure, for surely it is not for the benefit of all New Zealanders.
Yours in challange
Lola Orlando.
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