911 legislation, no trails?

This a letter from the AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL SITE. please follow the link and send this letter.

Dear Senetor

I deeply appreciate your support for human rights and the rule of law and it is in that spirit that I am writing to strongly urge you to oppose the proposal (S. 2977) by Senator Graham (R-SC) to bar the Justice Department from using funds to prosecute the alleged planners or conspirators in the September 11, 2001 attacks in regular U.S. Article III federal courts.   These are the same courts where international terrorism defendants are regularly prosecuted and convicted.  The Graham legislation would instead move these cases to the fatally-flawed military commissions system.

In the eight years of the Bush administration, they obtained at least 319 convictions in “terrorism or terrorism-related” cases in the civilian justice system.  Additionally, a recent study by the Center on Law and Security at New York University found convictions in nearly 9 of 10 cases, with a 16-year average sentence for those convicted of terrorism.  In contrast, the military commissions system at Guantanamo has seen just three convictions since its inception.

S. 2977, rather than being based on facts, is intended to use fear and misinformation to drive America’s national security policies.  This is a very dangerous road to go down.  The legislation would needlessly tie the President’s hands in resolving the problem of Guantanamo and disposing of cases in ways that comport with human rights principles and the rule of law.  It is simply an effort to hinder efforts to put to rest a legacy of failed detention policy.

I urge you to stand with Judiciary Committee Chairman Leahy and Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Feinstein in opposing this proposal (S. 2977) and supporting Article III federal courts.
I look forward to your reply.

Lola Orlando Lovegrove


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