Saving the trees again

Why we need our trees to be protected.

Resource Management Reform Bill
-I wish to oppose the removal of the Auckland Council’s ability to provide blanket protection for trees in the Titirangi and Laingholm areas for the following reasons:

Trees provide the area with its character and are the most significant part of its amenity.

-They are not assessable for their individual value.
-They provide essential habitat for indigenous biodiversity, which Acts of Parliament require be protected and enhanced.
-Trees provide essential buffering from the natural hazard of strong winds, both for each other and for human living environments
-Most of the area is stability sensitive and any clearing of the forest or of individual trees will adversely affect the stability of the area and the control of stormwater.
-Removing trees and bush will adversely affect the quality of the surrounding forest and allow for the invasion of weeds.
-Trees in the area contribute to property value; clearance of adjacent trees will adversely affect property value and potentially its integrity due to stability issues.
-While felling one tree may have little effect, the cumulative effect of this change over a few years could be disastrous both for the built environment and the integrity of the forest.
-The requirement to identify individual trees or groups of trees in the District Plan is hopelessly impractical. There are literally millions of trees in the area and the job of listing and categorising them would involve huge amounts of time and resources.

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Resource Management Reform Bill


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