beggars cant be choosers

In Auckland city there is a proposal being drafted to stop begging.  This means people could no longer ask for food, money or donations.  My personal objection to this is fueled by the fact that I enjoy helping out people who are in strife, I always get a good story and I get to extend the hand of friendship.  My concerns is that this proposal will target those who have no other choices available to them.  It is the notion that keeps coming up in our modern society ‘us and them’, but thats not the full story, our society is a loop and what effects one effects the greater.  So what choice will people who rely on begging do?  I hazard a guess, crime.

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it’.

Albert Einstein

I would like to see this problem address in a way that we could look at solution rather than simply suppressing the symptoms.


The following letter is designed to be sent to the the leaders of local body council, please copy at will.  Also if you have a draft letter please fix it into the comments. thanks, LL

Dear (insert name)

Im writing to express my concern about the current proposal being written to stop begging in Auckland city.  This is a gross invasion of human rights.  This seems to be council putting the basic needs of humans to access food and money in the only way left to them over consumers desires to shop and retailers need to sell goods. I would urge you to call an immediate cease to the construction of this document or at the very least ask the question, what the alternatives for beggars?  As a frequent user of the central city and donator of loose change I would be very sad to see our council not supporting these citizens and even sadder to see them condemned.

Yours Sincerely


Local ward coucilors emails can be found here-

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‘In responding to the issue of homelessness we must first acknowledge that public perception of homelessness is rife with misunderstandings and stereotypes. The most common of these is that homelessness is a choice.’


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